About company


The company STEINBERG was founded in 2007 as a result of long experience of the owners in the field of production and distribution of insulation materials, heating appliances and fireplace systems.

The aim of founding the company STEINBERG was introducing innovative materials, systems and appliances to the Polish market. From the beginning of its business the company was targeting to gain the key positions in the gaps on the market.

The activities of the company STEINBERG in various economic sectors is a mission according to our benchmark in the manner of our motto:

„We contribute to energy savings, protection and safety of human life as well as to promotion and development of renewable energy.“

We emphasis the fulfilling the high standard of all our activities. We provide products produced in the modern domestic and European factories where are complied all valid relevant specifications (norms) during manufacturing and the products itself meet all certificates and attestations required by domestic and European laws and rules.

I would like to invite you to get familiar with our offer or also to a cooperation which will hopefully leads to bilateral satisfaction.


Yours faithfully

Paweł Węgrzyn
The director of the company


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