The director of the company Paweł Węgrzyn, 39 years old. The graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology. Since 1995 he has been working in the construction industry. He started his career as sales representative then was responsible for creating the sale department structure, from 2004 is connected with the company VARMSEN Poland (co-owner, director).
His biggest business success was introducing the fireplace board SUPER ISOL to the Polish market, the changement in building technology of fireplaces in Poland, organising the First European Congress on lime silicate insulations. He obtained an award from CASTORAMA for „The best innovation“ in the field of building materials. When making selection of a material he follows the rule: „contribute to energy savings, protection and safety of human life as well as to promotion and development of renewable energy.“ He always keeps in mind that company are people who creates its structure. He is active canoeist in his free time which he loves to spend also with his wife and children during winter on skies and on cycling trips during summer.

The deputy director Jarosław Żołądź, 45 years old. The graduate of the Department of  Law of the University of Warsaw. Before dealing with the fireplace branch he was working in the public sector for 10 years.
He started his carrier in the Secretariat of the Polish Sejm (Parliament) as secretary of the Financial committee, he managed the department of economical analysts at the Office of prime minister and at the Ministry of Health he was a director of organization dealing with centralized investments.
Though his biggest success was managing the company with annual budget of 50 million PLN (12 million EUR). In 2002 he started to deal with the fireplace branch. He went through all the common jobs in the enterprise from a reseller through a head of the store, a sales representative, the sales director and the deputy director.

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