We would like to inform you we are aware of users privacy which is of a great importance for us. Therefore we below list an information about the cookies files at our internet web service (abbr. Website).

What are the cookies files?

The cookies files are data, mainly text files which contents a title of an internet site from which they come, a period of the storage and a unique number. They are saved in the end device of the user and their content could be read by the Website.

Why are the cookies file important for our web?

The all sub-parts of the Website use the cookies files which enables personification of displayed sub-parts of the Website. Thus we are able to continuously work on an improvement of the quality of our Website. If deleting or non-accepting cookies files in your browser we cannot guarantee the site will be displayed correctly. No cookies files saved by our Website do not collect personal information of the users of our Website

At our websites we use cookies for the following intentions:

  • protection of the costumers and against the abuse attempts.
  • improvement of our service and Website. We use among others Google Analytics, which is using the cookies files to help us analyse in which manner do they use our web.
  • monitoring and management of our websites
  • verification of the effectiveness of our online promos and advertisements

The sorts of the cookies files used at our websites:

No cookies files used by our websites content personal details and couldn't be used to identify a specific user.

Czas, przez który plik cookie pozostaje w pamięci urządzenia końcowego zależy od jego typu:

  • pliki sesyjne (sessioncookies) - tymczasowe pliki, które istnieją tylko w czasie kiedy masz dostęp do naszego Serwisu (a ściślej, do momentu zamknięcia przeglądarki),
  • pliki stałe (persistentcookies) – trwałe pliki, które pozostają w urządzeniu po odwiedzeniu Serwisu przez określony czas.

At the Website we use the following types of the cookies files:

  1. the „necessary“ cookies files enable using the service accessible within the Website, e.g. the cookies files for verification used for verification within the Website;
  2. the cookies files for granting safety, e.g. used to discover abuses of verification within the Website
  3. the cookies files for a measuring of effectiveness – enable collecting of the information of the manner how the Website is used;
  4. the „functional“ cookies files enable saving of the selections of customized option and personalize view, e.g. for selection of the language or the region where the user come from, the text size, appearance of the website etc.;
  5. the „advertising“ cookies files enable to display the internet adverts according to preferences of the users

How to control and delete the cookies files?

The user can enable or disable installing and using the cookies files in the settings of the browser. If the cookies files are not blocked by the settings of the browser it means the acceptance of the fact that the cookies files will be stored in the end device of user of the Website.

If you would like to check or block the cookies files please change the cookies settings in your browser according to browser help. The links for the cookies settings for the most spread browser are listed below:

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