Several models are available in the form of a "cassette" which is perfect solution for energy efficient buildings since it has a heat power lower by 40 % in comparison with a standard insert. Moreover it has small depth therefore it occupies less space in a room. The prices of cassette inserts are lower by 10 - 15 % than standard inserts cost.
NEWS amongst VARM inserts are models with width of façade 730 mm and also water tank for VARM F and VARM F+V with widths between 550 to 900 mm.
VARM inserts can be ordered with a new stylish glass: single or double glass; also fire clay lining an insert in colours: white and brown. Extended surface of TURBO exchanger enables more heat transfer by convection.

New price list

We kindly inform you about new release of the new VARM price list covering also new dimensions of fireplace inserts and optional equipment. Please take a look on your offer. We would like to invite you for shopping!

The set for prolonging of a distance from control box. NEW!

In that case when an average distance from controller to inspection cassette of gas valve is not sufficient, during the installation of a fireplace it is possible to mount a set of wires to prolong this distance. With this set the distance could be prolonged up to 2 meters. This set is mainly suitable for bigger fireplace inserts, e.g. DreamFIRE 190 when taking in account longer distance from flame controller to inspection cassette.

We kindly inform you that on September 15, 2014 a new price list of DreamFIRE products was released where are listed also new models of inserts with a closed hearth and a lot of other additional possibilities. We would like to invite you for taking a look on our offer and for shopping.

The touchable controller – NEW!

The touchable controller is a NEW PRODUCT in an offer of DreamFIRE company. The controller is reliable, enables to reduce the gas consumption up to 40 % and additionally ensures realistic fire without any effort, due to the controller it is possible to control a work of fireplace remotely. It has a lot of options, primarily a thermostatic control which enables to set a constant temperature of a hearth and time control which enables to set the period of burning. The insert DreamFIRE 190 is equipped with this pilot in standard which definitely makes utilisation easier, for another models this controller is optional.

The gas fireplace DreamFIRE 190

The NEW gas fireplace insert DreamFIRE 190 with very wide horizontal window – highlighted with the very little height. The firebox is made of smooth metal sheet or metal panels in standard, optionally made of black ceramic mirror deepening vision of the fire. The ceramic logs with an appearance of wood are the standard, eventually there are stones, the Carrara stones or basalt to choose. For achieving a better effect of the dense flame DreamFIRE 190 has two rows of the burners. The standard delivery consists of the touchable controller.

The gas fireplace DreamFIRE SQUARE MINI

The NEW PRODUCT among gas fireplace inserts of the company DreamFIRE – exceptionally compact DreamFIRE SQUARE MINI. In standard the fireplace is equipped with ceramic logs imitating wood, hearth inside made of smooth metal sheet. Optionally available touchable controller which enables control of temperature and period of burning remotely. The insert doesn't require a lot of space therefore it could be installed in small premises, moreover without a chimney. Hermetically closed combustion chamber guarantees the highest level of the safety, air for burning is supplied from outside.

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