tl_files/icpal/logo_ikopal_1.pngThe system BM is a comprehensive solution to dry out moisten wall and to really protect the masonry against getting wet. The system was created as a result of cooperation of the science research and experienced specialists from the branch of drying out the moisten walls and from the branch of waterproofing insulations for underground parts of the buildings

Moisten walls, capillary elevation of moisture – the analysis of problems:

Due to missing horizontal waterproofing insulation against moisture below the wall or because is is damaged the moisture is transferred from ground up through the pores in the masonry. It it caused by the effect of forces of surface tension in capillaries in construction material, mainly in plaster.

The system contents of the following products:

Dryzone® Dry Masonry Icopal:
tl_files/icpal/Dryzone® Suchy Mur Icopal_2.pngEfficient preparation in the form of cream for injection of masonry made of bricks, blocks or stone in order to make horizontal waterproofing barrier preventing the progressing of the moisture due to  the capillary elevation.

The description of action:

Unique formula ensures that after its application on the wall to plaster its active contents are evenly spread and that the overall protection of the wall will prevent the moisture advance due to the capillary elevation.

It consist of silanes and siloxanes as well as from emulsifiers used to providing durability of barrier. They are responsible for blocking the pores in the wall and for creating waterproofing barrier.

tl_files/icpal/sposób działania_Dryzone® Suchy Mur Icopal_3.png

tl_files/icpal/zalety produktu_Dryzone® Suchy Mur Icopal_4.png

Advantages of the product:

  • water based
  • uniform consistency
  • non-toxic
  • not causing colour changes
  • without any smelling
  • non-flammable
  • not consisting solvents

StormDry® Dry Masonry Icopal

tl_files/icpal/StormDry® Suchy Nur Icopal_5.pngThe preparation of the cream consistency for protecting and ensuring the masonry made of bricks, concrete or stone against getting wet. After application it creates efficient insulation against moisture preventing the masonry from the heat lost.

The description of action:

The formula is based on selected silanes and siloxanes which penetrates the pores of the masonry and so creating hydrophobic layer. Thus the masonry is protected against the water penetration to construction and still being permeable.

tl_files/icpal/sposób działania_StormDry® Suchy Nur Icopal_6.png

tl_files/icpal/zalety produktu_StormDry® Suchy Nur Icopal_7.pngAdvantages of the product:

  • cream consistency of the preparation penetrating the wall deeply
  • long-lasting protecting and ensuring of the wall against moisture
  • enables natural „breathing“ of the construction
  • ensures the resistance of the wall against short flooding
  • protects against moss and mould growth

Application instructions:

  • clean the surface of the wall in the dry way from the rests of mortar, pollen and contaminations (without using detergents) and afterwards fill all the cracks and gaps wider than 0.3 mm with mortar
  • using brush / roller put the product on the all surface of the wall
  • cream introduced on the surface is firstly white and it makes easier to recognize walls where the cream was already put on
  • after 2 hours the surface is resistant against mild rain and after 24-48 the surface will get its original appearance as before
  • after 2 months the drops on the wall could be observed when raining on it – then the surface has already got its hydrophobic features

Aquablock DC 120 Dry Masonry Icopal

The green cream formula for injection of masonry made of bricks, blocks or stone for creating horizontal waterproofing barrier preventing the moisture which spreads due to capillary rising.

The description of action:

The preparation of the cream consistency efficiently solves the problem of moisture coming from capillary rising in the walls made of bricks, stone or concrete blocks. The acting component of the cream consists of silanes contained in natural clay. Patented composition provides the perfect penetration of the mortars and the time of complete curing after 3 months when the efficient hydrophobic barrier is created

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