files/suche_mury/1.pngMoist wall?

Wet cellar?

We have a solution!!!

Problem with moisture of walls

files/suche_mury/2.pngMoist walls, the plaster covered with salt, mould in a flat. A lot of owners of buildings face the same problem nowadays – the moisture in their own four walls. However the reasons are several and only the experienced specialist could discover them in a due course.

files/suche_mury/3.pngOur aim is the professional analysis of reasons of emerging of wet walls in the buildings and delivering the very solution – easily, non-invasively and with guarantee of an effectiveness of measures.

Our solution:

We provide the system of drying walls MES 2020 – represents cheap and reliable alternative to expensive solution requiring vast construction work.

The operation is controlled by radio waves, causes drying wet walls introducing the basics of physics, German originated and successively used all around Europe for a long time.


The advantages of solution with MES 2020:


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